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10 ways to lower your utility bills this summer

“How can I keep my house cool but also save on my utility bills at the same time?” Summer is coming and most homeowners usually ask themselves this question when temperatures start rising. With a helping hand from our expert technicians at Monroe Heating and Air, here are some tips to keep a little extra cash in your pocket this summer:


As well-liked as older style windows have become, it can be very pricey to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Old-fashioned windows sadly do not defend your home as accordingly as more present-day windows do. Unlike out of date windows, modern windows have sheets of glass on the inside called panes. Panes could be single, double or triple layered. Panes help protect against temperatures from leaving or entering the home

Air Flow

Properly balanced airflow is very important in everyday households. Your HVAC system is more likely to be more energy efficient and can provide comfort if balanced right. Our skillful technicians at Monroe Heating and Air suggest that it is best to have a precise air balance to confirm the equipment in your home is well kept. 


When summer comes unfortunately in this region, so does humidity. Not only can humidity make it feel like it is hotter than it actually is, it can also spread the population of mold and allergens. Another benefit of installing a home humidifier is that it can help your house feel cooler than it actually is which helps your HVAC system put in less work which helps with energy efficiency.


Regardless of temperature, fans keep air circulating. With fans helping the air circulate around the home, this helps your HVAC system put in less work to keep your home at a decent temperature. With that being said, you could potentially set your home a couple degrees higher and still be comfortable because of the fans producing airflow.


A correct ductwork system could improve the comfort, safety and air quality of your home. Having too small or too large of air ducts can negatively impact your home and HVAC system. Ductwork that is too big can cause uneven air patterns or even condense the lifespan of your HVAC system. Ductwork that is too little will enlarge static pressure on your HVAC system causing the blower motor to increase labor which could potentially wear your equipment out sooner rather than later.


Insulation is important because it keeps the air completely sealed into the ductwork or different areas of the house. Lacking proper insulation can cause your HVAC system to overwork due to air leakage or uneven temperatures throughout the home. With proper insulation, your household could benefit by prolonging your HVAC equipment life and will also reduce the work your system will have to do while still keeping the house cool. 

Air Filters

On average, air filters should be changed every two or three months. It is crucial to routinely change your air filters because the dust, dirt and pollen trapped inside could eventually release into the rest of the house. Negative effects of not changing air filters on a routine basis include the risk of burning the blower motor out or overheating the system causing a complete failure.


Thermostats can make or break the temperature in your home. Nowadays, thermostats have the ability to learn your home’s heat load and maintain a balance of temperature. Thermostats were not always that efficient though. Old-fashioned thermostats are sensitive and if the temperature starts to go up, the air conditioner will turn on. Newer thermostats are known to be more energy efficient and could benefit the overall temperature of your home.

Routine Maintenance

When you invest as much money as you do into a HVAC system, routine maintenance should not even be questioned. Receiving routine maintenance on your HVAC system can help lower chances of breakdowns and help your equipment to last longer while staying energy efficient.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

When you come home from a long day, comfort is probably the most common feeling you would like to experience upon walking into your home. What is not relaxing is coming home to extreme temperatures. Upgrading your HVAC system not only helps adequate air flow but also helps by protecting your home from inevitable repairs.

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