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What Are 5 Ways You Can Winterize Your Home?

Are you familiar with what winterizing your home means? Winterization is the process of preparing your home for the upcoming winter. For some homeowners, that can mean disconnecting components you would usually have on in the summer months or adding fixtures and things to keep your home safe and strong through storms. Nevertheless, you may find yourself spending hundreds of dollars to prepare. Monroe Heating & Air realized that creating a checklist is a great tool to help homeowners prepare for winter. These are simple and easy that you can feel comfortable tackling on your own. 

  • Check Your Roof- If your roof shows signs of aging, not only will your heating bills increase this winter, but you may also be prone to leaks and water damage that can set you back some serious cash in repairs.
  • Test Your Generator- The power tends to go out in the middle of winter. In this case, it’s critical to be prepared to protect your family and your home. Many north-easterners invest in a generator for a backup power supply if the storms get too intense. Before winter strikes, test your equipment to ensure it’s functioning when you need it most.
  • Check Your Fireplace- Check the chimney draft to ensure the chimney will draw up the fire and smoke properly, and inspect the bricks inside your chimney for gaps and exposed walls that are susceptible to danger from rogue sparks.
  • Insulate Your Pipes- When temperatures drop below freezing, pipes (and the liquid inside of them) become prone to freezing. This can cause water to expand and the pipes to burst, resulting in costly repairs and destructive water damage. Insulating them with plastic foam pipe wrap can help to keep them from freezing.
  • Replace Screen Windows and Doors- Take the time to remove all of the screen windows and doors in your house and replace them with storm windows and doors. Besides adding a layer of insulation and helping reduce air leaks, storm windows also help protect your primary windows from the harsh winter elements, which screen windows would allow in.

It’s not often we think about these things, but winterizing your home can save you time, plus unnecessary repairs. We hope that this list makes you confident in what you can do to get ready for winter each year. 

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