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6 Tips to Prevent Furnace Breakdowns

6 Tips to Prevent Furnace Breakdowns

Nov 11, 2020 | Furnace, HVAC

 Even though your furnace is probably doing its thing this winter without any glitches — there are some important considerations you should take when it comes to making sure it continues to operate ideally in the coming cold months without any breakdowns. This also applies to when the winter is over, as we all want to make sure also that our home heating systems are good to go for the following year as well.

Considering this, it’s important to ask yourself: Would I rather do a few minor and fairly easy things now, or do I want to be stuck having to find a local heating repair company near me on a cold night for an emergency furnace repair service?

To avoid the latter predicament, our certified HVAC technicians here at Monroe Heating & Air put together the following list of 6 Tips To Prevent Furnace Breakdowns this winter:

Replace Furnace Filter Frequently

Most certainly, we suggest this all the time. Nonetheless, it’s for good reason: Replacing our air filters is extremely important. And in spite of this, far too many homeowners fail to change the filters in their HVAC systems consistently. If your system has the basic standard fiberglass filter, it should be replaced at least once a month during the winter.

Open Up All Air Vents

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not necessarily a good thing to keep air vents closed in certain rooms you aren’t using. A lot of homeowners believe this will save them money. As experts in heating and cooling, take our word for it that this makes your heating and central AC systems less efficient and this can cause more problems.

Replacing Batteries in Thermostat

From time to time, we get homeowners who call us concerned because they don’t have any heat in their homes. When we send our technicians to their homes and they do some investigation, they find out the problem is something as simple as a thermostat battery; if they had checked this, they could have solved it without our help. Nonetheless, we are happy to help and don’t judge them any differently than any other valued customer.

Usually, the batteries in a thermostat last anywhere from three to four years, depending on the type of model. If it’s been longer, or when you aren’t sure the last time when you changed your batteries, let this serve as a reminder to change them to avoid problems this winter.

Learn Exactly How to Use Your Thermostat Properly

On the other side of the token, sometimes we get calls from homeowners who say their furnace just won’t shut off or who say it’s blowing but there isn’t any warm air. In some of these situations, sometimes the only problem may be that the thermostat’s fan setting is merely set to “on.”
Because of this, we always stress the importance of knowing exactly how to use your thermostat correctly. The difference between the “on” and “auto” setting is as follows:

  • The “On” Setting: The fan is running nonstop. Even while the furnace isn’t producing heat, the fan is still blowing air through your vents.
  • The “Auto” Setting: The furnace fan will only come on if your furnace is heating the air. If the furnace shuts off, the fan shuts off as well.

Begin Using Your Furnace Before It Gets Too Cold

With our furnaces being off for several months, it’s a good idea to start running it as early in the season as possible to make sure it’s good before it gets too cold. This gives us a chance to test it out to make sure everything is in working order. This usually enables us to detect problems before it becomes full swing furnace season and you can’t afford to go without heat.
It’s Never Too Late For Furnace Maintenance!!!
Because it’s never too late for heating system/furnace maintenance, we should emphasize this one again. Scheduling an appointment with one of our technicians enables them to come over and analyze your furnace/home heating system to diagnose any minor concerns that could become major problems in the colder months to come.
If you have a newer furnace, almost all manufacturers require you to have this done every year to keep your warranty valid.
When it comes to something as intricate and expensive as a furnace, it always pays off in the end, in many dividends, to remain proactive rather than reactive.
You can look at it no differently than getting oil changed in your car.

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As always, we look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best and safest, and most comfortable holiday season/winter.

From our family to yours, have a blessed holiday season!