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What Are Common Furnace Myths?

Have you ever experienced getting some bad news or advice about your residential furnace once you’ve closed on your home? The fact of the matter is, most homeowners have, and we know that it is easy to get lost in all of the information being thrown at you as a homeowner. Nevertheless, most of us tend to pay attention to that advice to help us save money. But, the truth is you would be shocked by what’s fact or fiction based on what you’ve been told. Monroe Heating & Air wanted to help dodge some bullets on common furnace myths and give you helpful facts to pass along to your fellow homeowners. Below we are breaking down a few myths. 

Myth 1: Turning Off My Furnace While I’m Gone Saves Money

The truth is; your furnace would work harder to etch your average temperature if you’ve been gone all day with the heat off. This will cause a strain on your systems that are designed to maintain even temperatures. Instead, installing a Wi-Fi thermostat that automatically decreases your temperature will ensure you save money. Not turning your heat off every time you leave. 

Myth 2: Closing Vents Will Help Me Save on Energy

Closing your vents will do you zero favors. Instead, this will restrict airflow, which will put enhanced pressure on your furnace as it tries to overcome the blockage. Because of this, you will waste energy and add extra problems, which could eventually lead to a total furnace breakdown.

Myth 3: My Furnace Is Working, So I Can Skip Annual Maintenance

If your furnace usually worked last year, that is fantastic news; however, don’t skip maintenance just because it worked well before. Your heating bills make up a good portion of your overall energy expenses. If you have any questions, give us a call for all your routine and preventative maintenance needs. 

Myth 4: I Only Need To Change My Filter Once a Year

No matter what kind of filter you have, you will always have dust and debris in your filter, no matter what you do. Your filter helps your system keep everything running smoothly. Just because your system has been running without issues for half a year doesn’t mean that your filter won’t need to be cleaned monthly and replaced when needed. 

Now you get to experience the truth to these myths, pay attention to the ones you’ve read today and pass this along to a family member. 

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