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Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills?  

Not only do ceiling fans help us financially during the warm weather, but during cool months too. The only shift made between the seasons is the fan’s speed and its rotation direction. In the summer, we urge you to set your fans to spin counterclockwise to save energy and to turn slowly clockwise in the winter. Ceiling fans help propel cool and warm air throughout your home, exerting less stress on your HVAC system while keeping your monthly energy bills affordable! Monroe Heating & Air understands the significance of saving money. So, to help you better understand, continue reading to learn how to get the most out of your ceiling fans!  

How Do I Alter My Ceiling Fan For Winter?  

Summer is coming to an end, meaning chilly temps will be here before we know it! There are multiple things to keep in mind when moving from season to season, so how can you adequately modify your ceiling fan for winter? If you inspect your ceiling fan, you should find a switch on one side of your ceiling fan’s base. Shut off your ceiling fan via the pull chain AND the wall switch. If you don’t, the result may cause injury to yourself or others! When changing the fan blade direction, we recommend you wipe down the light covers and the blades. Also, consider any desired cosmetic adjustments you would like to incorporate while you’re at it. Doing so will help you efficiently care for your ceiling fan and home. Once you finish these alterations, you are essentially under the back of a fan, which now circulates warm air instead of cold air.  

How Do Ceiling Fans Operate?  

Ceiling fans change the course of the air by manipulating the electricity within your home. The rotating blades don’t cool the air but force it down, keeping us comfy through a wind-chill effect while enhancing air circulation during hot summer days. In the winter, altering the spin direction creates an updraft and, together with the blades’ shape, moves the rising hot air and prevents that hot air from lingering. Next, the air is propelled out and down the walls, producing a warm environment at your level, so you may stay warm without your furnace overexerting itself. You will be pleased to see the difference in your energy bills when accurately utilizing your ceiling fan! Though there are some factors that you shouldn’t ignore. For example, if you leave your ceiling fan running while you are out and about for a lengthy time, you will only be wasting electricity and, by default, your hard-earned money. Thus, it is essential to use your fan strategically, guaranteeing money savings and helping deter mold growth and excessive humidity.  

When Are Ceiling Fans Disadvantageous?  

While there are benefits to utilizing fans throughout the year, there are some drawbacks that you should be more aware of to properly weigh the pros and cons and decide what best fits you and your home’s needs. While ceiling fans do support keeping your home cool by further circulating the air, there are some things to consider to guarantee your fan use remains efficient; avoiding unnecessarily high energy bills, such as:  

  • ALWAYS Obtain The Correct Fan Size: Install a fan to serve the size of the room adequately and ensure to locate it central to the room to maximize savings. For instance, a 36-inch fan typically reaches approximately six feet from the center point and may not accommodate a large room effectively.  
  • ONLY Use Ceiling Fans Alongside Your AC: Operating your fan alone is a quick way to increase the temperature in your house because appliances like ceiling fans generate small amounts of heat that can accumulate.  
  • All-Day Ceiling Fan Usage Is A NO-NO: When you are away from home, turn them off; you can turn them back on upon your return. With smart-home automation, you can conveniently preset a time for your fans to turn on automatically!  
  • In Cool Temps, DON’T Run Fans On High: If it’s cooler outside, it’s essential to utilize your fans on a low setting to ensure any pulling up of cold air and pushing down of warm air.  

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