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How Can You Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature?

Are you unable to remain comfortable as you sleep? Or are you often awakened covered in sweat? On a side note: spicy foods and certain medications can prompt night sweats. If you are constantly waking up to any unexcusable sweating that isn’t a byproduct of your surroundings, medications, or highly seasoned dinner, you should speak with a medical professional. However, as HVAC professionals, we are educated to guarantee your atmosphere is optimal for your sleeping satisfaction. Our Monroe Heating & Air service professionals have some hot, or better yet, “cool” tips to snoozing away this summer with ease.

What Are the Advantages Of a Smart/Programmable Thermostat?

All stages of sleep have an essential role, but the most talked-about phase of sleep is REM sleep. REM sleep stimulates the regions of the brain responsible for healthy brain growth and emotional processing. Constant tossing and turning in an uncomfortable setting will more frequently interfere with REM sleep. If falling and staying asleep feels like an uphill battle, an updated thermostat can help you obtain and uphold optimal sleep. With more efficient management of the temperature within your household, you can achieve more desired levels of relaxation and sleep by automatically cooling down your environment before bed. Likewise, you can simultaneously program a smart thermostat to warm up your domain at any given time. Awakening from your slumber will require less effort as the warmer temperatures prompt your body to become more alert.

What Effect Does Room Temperature Have On My Sleep?

Harvard Medical School researchers found that your body temperature drops right before sleep. Your body lowers its core temperature by 1 to 2°F as a way to save energy. So like it or not, colder surroundings are more favorable for sleeping, empowering your body to achieve and keep this core temperature more efficiently. While we have yet to unearth a fountain of youth or remedy for “getting old,” it has been verified that rooms kept between 60 and 68 degrees encourage our bodies to produce melatonin. Melatonin facilitates good sleep, and it is also an essential anti-aging hormone! And did you know there is a relation between melatonin and serotonin? It’s true! We attain melatonin from serotonin, a known mood-enhancer. United, these hormones bring us more fulfilling sleep and general happiness. So basically, if you live with anyone that often moans and groans about being “too cold” over the summer, feel free to wield this knowledge as a means to protect the cool environment you so desire to embrace!

Why Is Sleeping With a Fan Encouraged?

The most noticeable perk of using a fan is the sensation of cool air hitting your skin directly, keeping you cool and calm while you’re whisked away to dreamland. People often prefer a portable fan instead of one that is fixated, so the fan can move more freely to wherever you wish. Though, ceiling fans can be pretty resourceful too. In addition, ensure the blades stay clean on every utilized fan because dust and other microscopic particles can adversely impact your health and comfort. Plus, clean fan blades are masters at masking stale air, sprucing up a room to stimulate a less stuffy and better-smelling setting. Does anyone else sleep with a fan mainly for the sound it produces, or just me? Like white noise, fans have a masking effect, meaning they can shut out other distracting background noises that may otherwise disrupt a light sleeper.

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