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How Should Homeowners Prepare Their HVAC System for Spring?

Days are getting longer, flowers are blossoming, and animals are starting to wake up from hibernation. Spring is upon us, people! Time to spring into spring cleaning mode and prepare your homes for the warmer weather ahead. Apart from stowing away your winter clothes and tackling every room, corner, and crevice, we hope you saved some space on your spring cleaning checklist for your HVAC system. Spring is the ideal time to clean up and evaluate your air conditioner to help pinpoint any potential problems and improvement options before you begin continual use throughout the warm summer months. Our staff at Monroe Heating & Air wanted to give you some tasks to help direct your focus on preparing your air conditioner for the heat to come.

What are the Benefits of Having AC Units Serviced?

If nothing else, the most influential thing you can do for your home this spring is to have your air conditioning unit examined by an HVAC professional. Now is the perfect time to schedule your spring AC service. As temperatures increase, HVAC companies become busier in servicing customers. However, if sidestepping the stress of attempting to schedule last-minute repairs sounds like something you are curious about, we can certainly set you up with one of our service maintenance agreements. Our maintenance plans assist in maximizing your airflow, increasing your unit’s efficiency, and allowing you to find solace in having a professional safeguard your HVAC system throughout the season. 

Why is Decluttering Your Home Important?

Managing and tidying up around the house enables your home to be more satisfying to the eye and your lungs. If there are fewer barriers throughout your home, cleaning will be more effective when laboring to clear any dust and allergens influencing air quality. Give yourself space to breathe, and breathe comfortably. Go through each room in your home and remove things you haven’t utilized in a while and dust! As a result, your HVAC system will operate more effortlessly if your home is kept neat.

What is the Importance of Exchanging Thermostat Batteries?

I can tell you from personal experience that while your HVAC system may be working fine, your thermostat could be responsible for your air conditioner not functioning to its intended capacity. However, by trading out your batteries before spring and summer begin, you can find comfort in knowing your thermostat won’t shut off or malfunction at an inappropriate time. Also, keeping batteries in your thermostat ensures that even if there is a power outage, which is evident during Ohio winds, your thermostat’s settings will stay, so you won’t have to tolerate the nuisance of reprogramming.

How is Installing a Whole-Home Dehumidifier Beneficial?

We can confidently anticipate dampness in spring and summer here in Ohio. High condensation and humidity levels can make the air within your home discomforting. Maintaining appropriate humidity levels supports enhanced indoor air quality and allows you and your family to feel more comfortable inside your home. If interested, our experts at Monroe Heating & Air would be pleased to help you install a whole-home dehumidifier this spring season!

Why is it Important to Clean and Seal Windows?

We may notice if our windows allow in the cold air; otherwise, we don’t give our windows much thought. Yet, winter ice is the primary offender for sealant or caulking splintering and breaking down. Additionally, the dampness from rain can cause rot and other damage, deepening already existing cracks. Due to freezing temperatures, windows are susceptible to separating from their frames during the frigid months. Consequently, troubles can surface when the outside air moves freely through our windows throughout the year. One of the greatest frustrations is watching your energy bill skyrocket. Overall, cleaning your windows makes your house look more radiant, but it can also assist in letting more sun in during the cooler early spring days without depending only on your HVAC system. Sealing up your windows can help the air coming in from your air conditioner; while avoiding any misplacement of cool filtered air or increase of humid polluted outdoor air.
Call Monroe Heating & Air today at (513) 540-4890, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! We will gladly send a technician your way to take a more thorough inspection of your HVAC unit to specify any red flags you may not have seen. Handling these issues now can help guarantee you get them repaired before the elevated temperatures come later! So let’s work together to get your home conditions settled in a way that you and your family will enjoy!