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Reasons to Invest in End-Of-Season Furnace Care

With homeowners here in Southwest Ohio shifting gears from heating their homes to cooling them, we have some suggestions to help you make the most out of this transition.

Because giving your HVAC equipment the proper attention at the end of each season comes with a long list of benefits, our NATE-certified technicians here at Monroe Heating & Air offer the following end-of-season furnace care tips: 

Six Ways to Invest in End-of-Season Maintenance 

  1. Don’t forget to invest in professional maintenance every year for each system so that a certified technician can catch any issues. When it comes to HVAC maintenance, it’s better late than never. You can always prep your system for next year.
  2. Give your HVAC units (both outdoor and indoor equipment) a once over, checking for loose parts, leaking fluids and strange noises. 
  3. Vacuum out all of your air vents to remove any accumulation of dirt, dust and dander.
  4. Clean the areas around both your air conditioner and furnace to create a cleared and open perimeter of at least two or three feet surrounding it.
  5. Change all of your air filters and set dates as reminders to check it again each month.
  6. After the weather warms up, avoid at all costs abruptly switching from heating to cooling. Rather, when you make adjustments, do so slowly and gradually and make sure your A/C is fully prepared. This enables the system to not work against itself and run up your electric bill. 

Remember, Furnace Care has major benefits!

On average, most furnaces are useful for anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Homeowners who are consistent with having seasonal maintenance performed every year prolong the lifespan of their furnace to upwards of 15 to 25 years. As an added bonus, a smoother-running HVAC system that’s maintained regularly will circulate cleaner and healthier air. You will have lower utility bills. Ultimately, HVAC maintenance significantly decreases the chances of breakdowns and problems that necessitate expensive repairs because our professional technicians catch the problem early on before it gets out of hand. Overall, the long list of benefits are definitely worth the investments! 

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