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With a diverse population of around 18,700 people, the City of Forest Park is a suburb of Cincinnati located in Hamilton County, Ohio, devoted to equality and fairness in housing.

Using land set aside in 1935 by the Resettlement Administration by then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Forest Park was founded in 1956 north of Cincinnati. The land was to become one of three “Greenbelt towns” the president had designated to relocate families who were struggling financially during the Great Depression.

However, in 1949, they abandoned the Greenbelt idea along with the undeveloped land of Greenhills, Ohio, which had opened in 1938.

In March 1956, after two years of planning and work, developers put the first homes up for sale in the first residential area of Forest Park. By 1960, the population grew to 4,800 people and the following year Forest Park was incorporated into a village. Later, in 1968, it achieved the status of city, intentionally designated as an “open city,” which regularly adopted and passed ordinances and resolutions welcoming citizens of all national origins, races, religions, and creeds. This policy was one of several adopted to maintain diversity.

Additionally, in 1978, the Forest Park Housing Commission developed “A Comprehensive Strategy for Maintaining Diversity … to eliminate discriminatory practices from corporations, realtors and builders.”

After the dismissal of a 1980 lawsuit filed by the city against a contractor for insufficient evidence, the Forest Park City Council issued a statement saying “people have the right to choose where to live, work or play based on their own free choice. That right must be secured for all people and never be artificially restricted.”

The subsequent “Quality of Integrated Life Resolution of 1982” became a guide to maintaining integrated living, reinforcing the city’s view that diversity was a virtue of Forest Park as the city moved into the new century. In 1991 this virtue was reinforced by the Quality of Life Task Force’s vision statement outlining the “shared values of a multicultural citizenry.”

In the views of its residents and in the eyes of outsiders, Forest Park’s dedication to diversity in an open community became a model for 21st century living.

Dependable HVAC Services in Forest Park, OH

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