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With a population of 11,700 people, the City of Franklin is located in Warren County, Ohio. It was named in honor of Benjamin Franklin. With Interstate 75 running to the east side of the city, the Great Miami River also runs through Franklin. It was founded in 1796 by General William C. Schenck. Franklin was first incorporated in 1814, and it earned its designation as a city in 1951.

One of Warren County’s first four post offices was established in 1805 in Franklin, with John N.C. Schenck, brother of General Schenck, serving as it’s first postmaster. Although it’s in a new location, the original Franklin Post Office still stands in the city; it is one of four sites in Franklin that has gained a listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The Mackinaw Historic District is another one of those landmark sites.

In 1971, Franklin opened the world’s first garbage-recycling plant, something that was designed and built by the Black Clawson Company. The plant used recycled paper to make roofing material and recycled metals from solid waste.

A café owner in Franklin, Ronald Peters, was reputed to have been the principal bookmaker for baseball player Pete Rose in 1989, before Rose was kicked out of professional baseball for a gambling scandal.

In 2015, Franklin celebrated the opening of the Museum of Spiritual Art.

Dependable HVAC Services in Franklin, OH

You should know our team here at Monroe Heating & Air care about our customers, and we are excited to serve the wonderful residents of Franklin, Ohio, with quality Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Air Quality products and services available in the market at competitive rates. We are a preferred local HVAC company of choice in Central and Southwest Ohio when it comes to affordable Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Air Quality solutions.

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If you need any sort of home heating, cooling or air quality work done, we are your local family HVAC company, and we can fix central heating and cooling systems around the clock here in Franklin, or help you find solutions that suit your needs and budget.

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