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The City of Montgomery is located in Hamilton County, Ohio, with an approximate population of 10,800 people. Named after the city in New York, Montgomery was established in 1796 as a stop along the Cincinnati-Zanesville Road, which later became called the Montgomery Pike. In its early days, Montgomery had a grist mill, an inn, two taverns, and a carding mill that processed its agricultural goods.

Montgomery stayed what many called a “rather sleepy hamlet” until the 1960s. During the 1960s, it developed into an opulent bedroom community for workers with jobs in Cincinnati. Today, Montgomery still maintains its historic downtown area, although there are many other 19th-century style houses in various areas throughout the city.

The city is currently accessible from exit 50 on Interstate 275, and exit 15 from Interstate 71; Montgomery’s eastern terminal is the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway, which is approximately five miles northeast of the Cincinnati city line.

The city is also home to the Montgomery Inn restaurant. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic Montgomery came up with a very unique concept they called a “reverse parade” in which they established a display of floats in Sycamore High School’s parking lot where residents were encouraged to drive by. The event was an international news story.

Dependable HVAC Services in Montgomery, OH

You should know our team here at Monroe Heating & Air care about our customers, and we are excited to serve the wonderful residents of Montgomery, Ohio, with quality Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Air Quality products and services available in the market at competitive rates. We’re the most dependable HVAC contractor in the Greater Cincinnati Area and we’re the best choice when it comes to affordable Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Air Quality solutions.

Our service vans arrive on time for every dispatch call, always calling ahead to let you know we are en route. These vehicles are always fully stocked and outfitted with all the latest HVAC tools and equipment using the latest technology. We carry a wide range of HVAC system filters, furnace filters, HEPA filters, central AC filters, and more.

If you need any sort of home heating, cooling or air quality work done, we are your local family HVAC company, and we can fix central heating and cooling systems around the clock here in Montgomery, or help you find solutions that suit your needs and budget.

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