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The City of West Carrollton is located in Montgomery County, with most of the city’s northern border being defined by the Great Miami River; it has a population of more than 13,000 people.

Initially named Carrollton when it was laid out in 1830, the name change is believed to have been the result of mail problems, as another city in Ohio has that name. Before changing the city symbol to its current symbol, the symbol of West Carrollton was a simple pentagon, which represented the city’s rich transportation history. The small town at one time had five different forms of transportation passing through it: Train, Canal, Riverboats, Trolleys and lastly Cars.

The city’s recreational river water trail is one part of a larger series of trails in the greater Miami Valley area that span a total of 52 continuous miles. These well-maintained trails take travelers through a variety of types of terrain. With the choice of running, walking, or biking, trekkers are known to spot a beaver, or buck, or great blue heron, or some other type of wildlife. The multitude of bike paths are popular as they give people ample opportunities for fun, exercise and recreation.

Among the various other tourist attractions, local restaurants and businesses, West Carrollton has a variety of parks. Their parks department offers a wide selection of leisure-time activities for people of all age groups, including sports, cultural activities, and educational, arts and crafts programs. They maintain over 100 acres of parkland sprawled out over 10 different park locations, including the Soccer Complex, and Wilson Park Pool.

Dependable HVAC Services in West Carrollton, OH

Our team at Monroe Heating & Air cares about our customers, and we are excited to serve the hardworking residents of West Carrollton, Ohio, with quality Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Air Quality products and services available in the market at competitive rates. We’re the most dependable HVAC contractor in the Greater Cincinnati Area and we’re the best choice when it comes to affordable Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Air Quality solutions.

Our service vans arrive on time for every dispatch call, always calling ahead to let you know we’re on the way. These vehicles are always fully stocked and outfitted with all the latest HVAC tools and equipment using the latest technology. We carry a wide range of HVAC system filters, furnace filters, HEPA filters, central AC filters, and more.

If you need any sort of home heating, cooling or air quality work done, we are your local family HVAC company, and we can fix central heating and cooling systems around the clock here in West Carrollton, or help you find solutions that suit your needs and budget.

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