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Stop Doing These Things That Lower Your Indoor Air Quality

It’s National Clean Air Month! Today’s the perfect time to chat about indoor air quality, also known as IAQ. Believe it or not, indoor air is usually about five times more polluted than outdoor air. Makes sense, right? Since the air inside our homes keeps getting recirculated, if you’re not taking steps to improve your IAQ, the air quality inside could really be affecting you negatively. But don’t worry, your friends at Monroe Heating & Air are here to walk you through common mistakes that can mess with your indoor air quality (IAQ) and how to fix them. 

Don’t Forget About Changing Your Air Filters!  

Okay, it might not be the most thrilling task, but believe us, it’s crucial for keeping your indoor air quality top-notch and your HVAC system happy. Air filters are the unsung heroes in the fight against dust, pollen, pet hair, and other allergens. But if they get too dirty, your airflow suffers, and all that nasty stuff can end up back in your place, messing with the air you breathe.  

  • Stick to what the manufacturer says – you’ll probably need to change filters every 1 to 2 months, depending on the filter type, if you have pets, allergies, or how much you use your system. 
  • Make checking your filter a monthly thing. A simple trick to remember to change your air filter is to set a reminder on your calendar. That way, you won’t forget. Keeping up with filter changes means smoother airflow and easier breathing at home. 

Don’t Let Moisture Stick Around Your Home!  

Use a Whole-Home Dehumidifier: Having too much moisture inside your home can lead to mold and can lead to respiratory health issues. If you’re spotting water stains on your ceilings or walls, or if your windows always have condensation, these are typically signs that humidity’s too high. If this is the case for you, you might want to think about getting a whole-home dehumidifier to get your air quality balanced once again. Remember, too much moisture isn’t just a comfort thing—it’s a health concern, too. Not sure where to begin? We’ll help sort you out! 

Don’t Let Odors Stuff Up Your Home!  

Smells around your house are just part of life, right? Whether it’s from cooking, pets, or just daily chores, odors are bound to pop up. However, when odors pile up on top of each other, they can really mess with your home’s air quality. So, although it is normal for odors to happen, you still want to stay two steps ahead of it to keep your indoor air quality boosted. 

  • Get a Whole-Home Air Purifier: Whole-home air purifiers are designed to work alongside your HVAC system to filter and eliminate pollutants and airborne contaminants from your home. Take the iWave-R, for instance. It effectively eliminates allergens and bacteria with positive and negative ions. And the coolest part? The iWave-R is self-cleaning, so once it’s up and running, you don’t have to lift a finger.  
  • Install UV Lights: You can also have UV lights installed within your HVAC system. They can be tucked inside your air ducts or placed right in your air handler to zap and fry airborne germs and pollutants as air whooshes by, ensuring that cleaner air circulates throughout your house. On the plus side, they’re pretty low maintenance, too – their bulbs only need changing every 2-3 years, which your HVAC technician can easily do during your yearly check-ups. 

Your home should function as your haven; it’s the place you rest and sleep. So, it’s super important to make sure the air you’re breathing is clean and of top-notch quality. When you focus on what aspects of your home’s indoor air quality need attention, you can successfully achieve a more balanced level of IAQ in your home. Got more questions? We got answers! Let us guide you as you dive into improving your air quality! 

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