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Tips & Tricks to Prepare Your A/C for the Winter

With fall officially around the corner, temperatures in Ohio will begin to decrease, which means it is time for all homeowners to begin turning off their AC for the winter. Preparing your home for the colder months can be a tedious task; however, it’s something we all must do to keep our equipment working and lasting longer. To help you get the ball rolling, our knowledgeable and certified technicians at Monroe Heating & Air have put together a few of the things you’ll need to do to get your home cooling system safe for the colder months ahead.

Completely Turn Off Your AC

As the temperatures outside begin to decline, in a perfect world, your home cooling system should be able to recognize the drastic temperature changes and turn off on its own. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. Keep in mind, if you don’t know how to shut down your AC on your own, contact Monroe Heating & Air to have a specialist come help do it for you.  

Inspect and Clean Equipment

If you decide to inspect your AC unit on your own, begin by clearing all of the leaves, sticks, twigs, and bugs out of the coils. Next, make sure to take your time and look for any leaks, rust, cracks, or any other indications of wear and tear on your unit. Then, use a garden hose and spray the inside and outside with water. Typically, the only “cleaning” that your unit gets is just from rain, so it’s a safe bet that your AC needs a deep clean. When you keep your unit clean, it allows for proper drainage and prevents unwanted clogs. Thus, keeping your unit clean can prevent future problems from arising when you go to turn your AC on for the following summer. 

Cover Your Equipment

The last measure that most homeowners can take on their own is covering the unit. When you purchased your AC, it would have been an add-on; however, if you do not own a cover, you can get them from any local hardware store. These covers come in vinyl and plastic and are waterproof and insulated. Be sure to take a picture of your unit to ensure you get one that fits nice and snug.

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