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Top Reasons for an A/C Unit Breakdown

Oftentimes, if one piece of equipment becomes damaged or breaks in your AC, the rest of your system is prone to damages or breakdowns as well. It begins with a filthy air filter, and if not changed in time, you’re stranded in a hot house waiting for a technician to repair your AC. Routine maintenance is to help sustain the proper function of your AC. Your system will not keep up with the hotter temperatures the summers bring if you’re not keeping your AC properly maintained. In this article, the Monroe Heating & Air professionals help address frequent problems that will cause a breakdown on your AC if left unmaintained. 

Tarnished Air Filter

The responsibility of an air filter within an AC is to keep dust, particles, and debris out of your equipment and home. Airflow can become diminished when dirt and debris become clogged in the filter and AC. In turn, this damages coils, fans, and other delicate equipment. Inevitable breakdowns are more likely to occur when you leave a dirty air filter in your AC, thus leaving your equipment in need of repair or replacement. 

Dirty air filters can also cause general efficiency issues. Since airflow is not adequately transferred throughout your home, your system will overrun trying to make up for the lack of productivity caused by the dirty air filter. 

Dirty Fans

Two major fans are located inside and outside your AC, which operates to dispense cool and hot air efficiently. If either of the fans stops working, you’re on a path to complications. Excess dirt on the blades of the fans is one major reason why they could stop working. The additional weight of dirt on the fan blades is bound to strain the motor in your AC, bringing about inevitable breakdowns.

The job of the outdoor unit fan is to blow hot air outside of the home. Therefore, the AC can overheat if this outdoor fan stops working correctly.

The job of the fan located indoors is to keep the cool air inside your home. If the indoor fan breaks down, your system could be at risk of dispensing unequal air throughout your home, which could cause the coils of your system to freeze over. 

Unkempt Coils

Partnered with the fans are a couple of indoor and outdoor coils: the evaporator and condenser coils. The job of the coils is to pass on cold and hot air, which fans will transfer inside or outside your home.

When evaporator or condenser coils become filthy, air can become confined inside. A dirty condenser coil traps heat, causing your equipment to overwork and eventually overheat. When an evaporator coil becomes tarnished, it will start to freeze and form ice on the coils. Either way, your AC will work far more heavily than it needs to be, wasting energy and conditioned air.

Leaking Refrigerant

A set amount of refrigerant is distributed to each AC. When installed correctly, your AC should not need more. When a leak occurs, and you start to lose refrigerant, and your equipment will begin to suffer. Your AC will strive harder to meet the requirements of your thermostat when it simply cannot keep up. Not only can leaking refrigerant cause inevitable problems on your AC, but you will also notice an increase in energy costs. 

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