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Warning signs it might be time for a new AC

Warm weather is coming in hot, can your current AC handle the heat? Oftentimes, proper routine maintenance on AC units can be overlooked leaving your equipment striking problems or a short life span. With some advice from our technicians at Monroe Heating & Air, here are four warning signs it might be time for a new AC.

Age of AC Unit

The older your AC gets the more likely there is for inevitable problems to occur. AC units usually last about a decade and without proper maintenance, it could lose years on its lifespan. Getting a new AC unit would save your wallet especially compared to the cost and labor of working on older AC equipment.

Warmer or Decrease in Air Flow

AC units are meant to produce cool airflow, unlike a fan that just blows air around. When you notice your AC is producing warmer air or a decrease of airflow, you could run into some problems. If even after cleaning or replacing your air filters you still have problems with airflow, it might be a good idea to call Monroe Heating & Air if the issue persists because it could relate to a bigger problem for your equipment. 

Unusual Noises or Smells

Abnormal noises or odors from your AC is a huge indicator that there is a problem with your equipment. Routine maintenance is important to help prevent unusual noises and smells coming from your AC unit. Professional technicians could help spot any problems before they become costly repairs which could guarantee a great lifespan for your AC. 

Frequent Repairs

Does it feel like you’re giving your skilled technicians calls more frequently for repairs? It might be time to invest in a new AC. Although routine maintenance is good for your system, your AC unit should not be in constant need of improvement.

Looking to invest in a new AC? 

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