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During the frigid winter months, if your heating system unexpectedly malfunctions or there is a major power outage due to inclement weather, you and your family could be left in an uncomfortable situation. To alleviate stress during chaotic times like this, creating a backup plan now so that your home is prepped for winter HVAC emergencies is highly recommended! Preparation is essential for guaranteeing cozy nights no matter what undesirable situations come your way. Don’t wait until an HVAC emergency arises to come up with a plan B for your home. Instead, follow these tips from Monroe Heating & Air on how you can keep your home warm during especially cold days or how to be prepared for winter HVAC emergencies.  


  1. Indoor Vents: To ensure that your HVAC system provides maximum efficiency during the winter, keep all indoor vents unblocked by items like furniture or mats. Additionally, make sure they are left open rather than closed to maintain optimal performance. 
  2. Outdoor Vents: It is also vital to keep outside vents free of blockages. Performing regular checks on these vents during snowy periods (which is when they can become clogged quickly with snow and ice) should be a priority in maintaining them. Just be careful when you perform this task, as you don’t want to damage the exterior vent covers. Carefully cleaning the exterior vents with a brush or broom is recommended. 
  3. Gas Meter: It’s essential to know where your gas meter is situated, particularly in winter when it may be hidden under a blanket of snow. While you’re on the move and shoveling away at your driveway or examining those exterior vents, make sure to take an extra few moments for a speedy inspection of your gas meter too! If you find the gas meter is bogged down with snow or ice, gently clear off any build-up on top of the meter and around the component as well. 
  4. Windows: As the winter chill begins, don’t forget to draw your curtains and blinds closed. Doing this will not only help you prevent heat from escaping.      


In the event of an unforeseen power outage or furnace disruption, here are some helpful hacks to make sure that your home stays comfortable and secure: 

  1. Generator: Investing in a reliable backup generator is the preferable solution to prepare for any possible power outages. Doing so will ensure that you and your family remain safe and secure, no matter what happens!  
  2. Portable Heater: If your furnace is no longer working, portable heaters are a cost-effective and practical substitute. Not only can they provide extra warmth when necessary, but there’s an abundance of economical options available to ensure you don’t have to break the bank in order to stay warm!  
  3. Fireplace: Equipped with the necessary accessories, such as firewood, matches, and lighters, having a fireplace in your home can be invaluable during unexpected situations. An emergency supply of these resources should always be at hand for emergencies; ensuring that you have the right tools ready to go will give you peace of mind when faced with any circumstances. 
  4. Extra Blankets: Are you in need of a creative way to store your extra blankets? An emergency basket or tote full of blankets can be the perfect solution! If there’s ever a power outage or heating system malfunction, they’ll already be prepared and ready for use. 
  5. Windows: Battling against the icy temperatures of winter is never easy, especially when your heating system decides to take a break. Hanging blankets or towels across windows can be a great way to keep warm air in and prevent cold drafts from entering during power outages. (You’ll be thankful you kept them and stored them away!) This will help provide additional insulation in your home when it is needed the most. 
  6. Doors: When temperatures dip during the winter season, or if your furnace has conked out and you are waiting for help to arrive, caution must be taken when opening external doors. Not only will a freezing gust of air come in all at once as soon as you open them, but any warmth that is still inside may also escape. 

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