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What Is the Most Energy-Efficient Furnace Setting?

In 2022, you may be building a new house, or maybe you will reconstruct your existing home. If any of these two are true, looking into upgrading your thermostat is another step you’ll want to take this year. A good thermostat can make a big difference in your home and save your monthly energy bill. This is because of the advanced features of today’s programmable and smart thermostats; your home can stay at a perfect temperature without needing to play around with the settings. Below, Monroe Heating & Air talks about a few tips, tricks, and options you have for your residential thermostat. 

What are Smart & Programmable Thermostats?

Smart thermostats don’t have to be programmed. You can press a button to heat or cool and pick the temperature you like; however, you also have thermostats with features you can program. For example, you have some that will allow you to set the same program Monday through Wednesday with different options for the other days. In addition, a smart thermostat will let you adjust the temperature of your home via WiFi and mobile signals. And smart thermostats can learn your habits to make their adjustment accordingly.

Where Should You Place Your Thermostat?

A thermostat should be placed in the middle of your home, where the most traffic runs the most. This is because you want to avoid direct sunlight, kitchens, doors, and windows, as these specific areas could affect the accurate temperatures. Our friendly technicians would be happy to advise you exactly where you can place your upgraded thermostat.

Why Do Your Thermostat Settings Matter?

Your thermostat settings usually depend on your schedule and comfort level. You’ll be able to decide whether you’d like to keep your home cooler during the day or night. Some residents may choose to keep the heat up at night; however, keeping your home’s temperature at 68 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended. When your home is set to a lower temperature, it will lose heat more slowly than if it’s higher temperature. This means that keeping your home at a much cooler temperature will help you retain heat longer and reduce the amount of energy required to keep your house comfortable, thus, saving you more time, energy, and money.

If you are building or revamping your home, be sure you pay attention to these tips so that you can be saving money this year with an upgraded thermostat. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and one of our professional team members will be happy to help.

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